fab and made

The brand


fab&made is a small multidisciplinary, American studio made furniture brand.  Our collective talented group of professionals, work with a passion to bring you fabulous studio made furniture. With over 20 years experience in the high-end furniture market we are not new in the luxury furniture field. For our new brand we are hands-on in every aspect of the crafting process, from hand selecting only environmentally responsibly harvested woods here in the USA to the handcrafting processes of every finished piece of furniture. Our multidisciplinary team in collaboration with independent studio/shops is compiled of generational woodworkers, artisans craftsmen, sculptural artists sculpting our bronzes, talented people with no formal architectural or design formation but lots of passion for creating fabulous work, risd and Pratt graduates.  Our work is the balance of simple, organic,traditional,modern, luxury, artistic, rustic and refined. Wood “imperfections” are perfect in their own way